Our customers

We deliver for four different vertical markets, for customers in Slovakia, Germany, Austria and the USA

Versatility is a key to resilience. We achieve it by serving and delivering our software to four different vertical markets: garment production, mass transportation, logistics and ERPs. Our customers are mainly software-houses, which than integrate our solution and sell it further under own name. This way, our customers serve many well known-names, but not seeing our name on final product. Software houses we are working for are Zelisko GmbH as a part of Knorr-Bremse corporation, SPS s.r.o. as a part of Osterreichische Post A.G., HighQ Gmbh Freiburg, Germany, Gerber technology as part of Lectra S.A. Bordeaux and more.


Dear Solver IT s.r.o. Team,
thank you very much for your continuing support and collaboration to run IT environment at our company smoothly. SPS s.r.o. well established logistics company, is more than 30 years on the market and today is delivering more than XXXX parcels every month in various services. We are one of the biggest logistics companies in Slovakia.

From a year 2008 Solver helps us to run our IT systems Solver IT develops new applications according to our needs and provides support services based on SLA.
We appreciate elevated level of service, where Solver IT staff is not only delivering contracted technical services, but together with our team is helping us to find proper, most effective, solutions for IT problems, as they are arising from everyday changing world.

Solver helped us to introduce new concepts and tools, like moved business desktop application into the cloud, designed new mobile application Mobile courier, used now at our complete network with more than 700 couriers. It substituted old-fashioned and expensive mobile computer hardware and software, helped us to be more costs effective. Solver also designed, developed and now maintains a complete WEB based Back-office solution.

In last 30 years, our business software evolved together with our company. As a result, the IT environment at SPS s.r.o. is diverse, using various technologies and architectures. It is not an easy task, to maintain such complex IT environment consistent and in routine 24/7 operation. It is not a task for start-up, it is a task for well-proven IT company with many years of accumulated know-how of how. Solver is doing this, demonstrating ability to handle our complex needs and processes successfully.

We anticipate even more years of successful collaboration coming, in the future!
Statement von Kai Horn, Leiter Vertrieb & Marketing, highQ Computerlösungen GmbH, Freiburg.

1. Wie hat Solver zum Erfolg Ihrer Projekte oder Geschäftsziele beigetragen?
Als mittelständiges IT-Software-Systemhaus beteiligen wir uns an EU-Ausschreibungsverfahren für Mobilitätslösungen. Wenn wir den Zuschlag zu solchen Verfahren erhalten, sind wir aufgefordert in kürzester Zeit ein Lösung bereitzustellen. SolverIT gibt uns die notwendige Flexibilität, projektbezogen auch schnell IT-Experten zu unserem Kernteam hinzuzufügen.

2. Wodurch unterscheidet sich Solver von anderen Lösungsanbietern auf dem Markt?
Es werden nur Aufgaben übernommen, für die man auch kompetente Ansprechpartner hat. Das Ziel ist immer, eine gute Lösung zu erzeugen und nicht nur Stunden abzurechnen.

3. Wie würden Sie das Niveau der Professionalität und des Fachwissens beschreiben die das Solver-Team an den Tag legt?
Die gute Ausbildung der Experten und das tiefe Verständnis für die komplexen Software-Anforderungen sorgen für eine Höchstmaß an Output.

4. Welchen Nutzen hat Solver Ihrer Meinung nach für unsere Partnerschaft gebracht?
Ich persönlich pflege mit SolverIT schon eine sehr langfristige erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit. Wenn man in der schnelllebigen IT-Branche mehr als 15 Jahre partnerschaftlich, ehrlich und loyal zusammenarbeitet, ist das eine besondere Auszeichnung einer Kooperation.
We are really impressed by the quality of services we received from Solver.

They were right on schedule and charged reasonable prices. The stuff of Solver show always an absolute professional attitude and were courteous in dealings. They work closely with us throughout the development process, staying on task and on target. We appreciate particularly the on time delivery of the software code.

We have worked with Solver on various projects, and find that they provide quality service and expertise for our programming needs. It is rare to find a service provider with such professional consistency - they are a valued service provider to our business! Especially they have a very high level of expertise on ticketing solution software for the Austrian market.

Ralf Pasching

We are extremely grateful to Solver for being such a wonderful partners.

Solver has been an integral part of Lectra/Gerber since 2005, and what an incredible journey it has been. The longevity and success of this partnership is deeply rooted in the close relationship between the two and the foundational operating model. Not only Solver resources are fully integrated in the R&D operations, there is an equal collaboration in defining the product direction based on the decades of domain expertise within Solver.

Solver is a trustworthy contributor towards strategic thinking that allows us deliver the right solutions for our customers solving the true business problems that our end-users desire. The dedication and passion of the Solver team is why there is great mutual respect and trust between the two that continues to carry this great relationship forward.

Thank you to the Solver team for being such a great support, today and in the future!

Amit Kumar