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IT company providing IT services to customers worldwide

Solver IT company evolved from 1990, where it started as a small venture of its owner. In 1994, with the first software outrsourcing contract, team grew up to two and than gradually up to 45 developers in 2000. Main application area was software development for complex CAD/CAM systems used to design and produce garments.

Since then, Solver delivered over 80 IT projects to its clients in many vertical markets, including: industrial production, machinery, marketing, WEB-shops, logistics, mass transportation, car parking, ticketing, parcel delivery and many more. It counts for hundreds of man-years of complete software development cycle, from viability study, over architecture and design, implementation and test to delivery and maintenance.

  • As of geographic coverage, our clients are mainly in Germany, USA, Austria and Slovakia, but we worked also in GB, Italy, France. Our applications are running all over the world, mainly in production.
  • To the software outsourcing services we added also own products, solving special problems in given vertical markets: barcode scanning, optimization or industrial production.
  • With diversified portfolio of customers and solutioins for different vertical markets, we are resilient and fit for future growth.

Our team

A company can only be as good as good are the people who work in it.

The core of the company is a group of experienced senior developers who have been with us for several years, some of them since 1996.

They are responsible for customer communication, project management, solution design and development planning.

They manage programmers and juniors, testers, administrators and technicians. The team is goal-oriented, where the goal is to solve the problem to customer satisfaction.

Our offices in Slovakia

Solver IT s.r.o. is a Slovak company with offices in Bratislava and Žilina. In Žilina we have an office in the center of the city in Bratislava we are based in Kramáre.