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Solver Data Capture

Software tool, turning your mobile phone into bar code reader.

SDC utilizes latest enhancements in mobile-phone cameras hardware and software, to make expensive and inflexible barcode scanners hardware obsolete. This eliminates the need for additional device and reduces costs everywhere, where barcode scanning is performed. This way, a single piece of hardware - mobile phone is used for barcode scanning, data processing and calls.

SDC is already in use in everyday routine with our parcel logistic customers, where it saves time, costs and improves overall productivity. Scanning by photography makes batch scanning in one go possible, where multiple barcodes are scanned with one scan button press. This is especially usable with warehouse management, bill of ladings, bill of operations etc. You can scan all items in one scan, no need to perform separate scan for every barcode. SDC is available as library module, to integrate with your existing business application. A standalone test application is available, just get in touch with us.


Software development,
maintenance and SLA

Solver, currently at manpower of 36 developers, provides software development services for its customers worldwide, for last 30 years. For more detailed information on this activity, see the Services section.

We get paid for results, not promises. Customer satisfaction is the fundamental measure of the quality of our work. If you are not satisfied with what you have received from us, you do not need to pay our invoice. If you explain and discuss with us, what we can do better, we gladly exchange this feedback from you for a money.


GovBox Pro

Empowering Companies with Seamless Access and Enhanced Communication

Welcome to the future of efficient digital communication. Govbox Pro is the cutting-edge solution designed specifically for companies seeking to optimize their operations and enhance their interaction with public administration entities.

With Govbox Pro, accessing your electronic mailbox becomes effortless, eliminating the need for cumbersome card readers. Our innovative platform revolutionizes the way you sign documents, providing a streamlined and user-friendly experience that saves you time and simplifies your workflow.